Friday, July 09, 2010

Milenge Milenge Movie Review

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Genre: Romance
Director: Satish Kaushik
Producer: Surinder Kapoor
Presenter: Boney Kapoor
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Star Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Satish Shah, Delnaz Paul, Aarti Chabria
Release Date: July 9, 2010

Kareena has her image of his life partner, her only goal of her life is marrying the Mr. perfect and having two kid and leave a happy family. In this journey, she meets Shaheed which she thinks is his Mr. Right, but Shaheed keeps manipulating her.

After this the part of Serendipity comes where they write phone numbers on a book and a currency note. `If we’re meant to find each other, we’ll find each other’s numbers,’ they say and disperse. After 3 years, they are still in love with each other, but without any means to contact.

‘Milenge Milenge’ is a love-to-be-forgotten tale for both the makers and the audience. The film not only lags behind the times in terms of story and concept, but is absolutely outmoded in terms of screenplay, music, acting and direction. Shahid and Kareena have grown since then and can be safely characterized as two seasoned actors today. ‘Milenge Milenge’ just serves as a flash of the past for the two of their old school of acting. The music of the movie is also passé. In short, we can safely conclude that nothing in ‘Milenge Milenge’ would keep jingling in your minds post five minutes from the theatre, except the moolahs that you spent for the ticket and popcorn!

Final word? Milenge Milenge may be dated, but watch it for the chemistry between its lead pair. Perhaps, this Jab We Met jodi may never team up ever again!

Justin Bieber Gender Change Operation||Justin Bieber I’m GAY

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Justin Bieber gender change operation and Justin Bieber i m gay!, latest rumors spreading on the internet. Now it’s hot searching in Google hot trends. Don’t be crazy about Justin Bieber gender change operation and Justin Bieber i m gay!, because it’s just a hoax.

Justin Bieber Gender Change Operation- Justin Bieber, Gay?- Today, “Justin Bieber Gender Change Operation” became one of the most popular searches in world wide web. The new issue that Justin Bieber undergo a gender change operation and that Justin Bieber is a gay. Seems like Justin Bieber is the favorite topic of some insecure people who’s spreading those gossips about the Pop Star.

Haters and fans, haters being the ones that launch the rumors and fans the ones that follow them. I’m disgusted, please stop this nonsense. In the meantime that kid could be dying of love excess from his fans, we should write a story about that. My coffee is cold and I can’t stand here and reflect on Justin Bieber. C’ya later, stay tunned for more Bieberumors.

Afte this “Justine Bieber Change Operation” issue, what do you think will be the next rumor about him? Those people were just making Justin Bieber more popular. For those avid fans of Justin Bieber, “Justine Bieber Change Operation” issue is definitely a false rumor again.

Oakland shooting verdict sparks riots|| Oakland Riots

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Major League Baseball called the Los Angeles Angels last week to warn them about the possibility of riots in Oakland this weekend if a verdict comes down in the case of a transit officer who is on trial for shooting an unarmed man on a train platform.

Prosecutors had wanted Johannes Mehserle convicted of murdering Oscar Grant. So Thursday's lesser verdict raised concerns of a repeat of the rioting that followed the shooting on New Year's Day in 2009 on an Oakland train platform. The trial was moved to Los Angeles following the riots.

Oscar Grant was shot in the back while laying face-down on a subway platform. Mehersle dodged the more severe charge of second degree murder.

Mehersle faces a prison sentence of two to four years.

The protesters, described by the San Francisco Chronicle as a racially diverse group, faced off with police, threw rocks and bottles, smashed storefronts and sprayed graffiti on walls that read "Riot for Oscar."

Alameda County Deputy District Attorney David Stein said in his closing argument that Mehserle let his emotions get the better of him and intended to shoot Grant with the handgun without justification.

Defense attorney Michael Rains contended the shooting was a tragic accident. Mehserle had no motive to shoot Grant, even though he was resisting arrest, the lawyer argued.

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