Monday, September 13, 2010

Maino and Bunky reaches new level of beef

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A new level of beef can be seen between Maino and former Lil’ Cease homie Bunky SA. The right hand man of Maino, Gotti, thinks of responding.

According to media report, in 2007 the beef between the two started after a video featured Bunky along with Junior M.A.F.I.A’s Lil’ Cease. In the video he had some choice words for Maino.

Bunky remained silence for about ten months and now he has returned back with new diss videos that is recorded in the Maino’s borough of Brooklyn. The video also challenged Maino for $10,000 to a one on one brawl.

Maino did not replied to the issue, but Gotti thinks to dead the situation completely

Gotti said, “You know you don’t want it penguin… You just now waking up from the beating we gave you 10 months ago. 10 months ago, you were beat into submission within an inch of your life in Queens and you just woke up right before you made that video, so trust me I know you don’t want it again my n**ga.”

Bunky also had some harsh words. He said, “I don’t f**k with Lil’ Cease, he’s a p**sy. He’s a snitch and I don’t mess with Maino, he’s a p**sy, he’s a snitch. I don’t mess with Lil’ Kim because she’s a p**sy and she owes me money.”

Kanye West VMA 2010 Runaway Video New Song Lyrics Download

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Although the big story of the 2010 MTV VMA show seems to be Taylor Swift‘s new song, “Innocent,” Kanye West  closed the show with a new song of his own. In the video below, you can see Kanye showing off his keyboard skills and performing “Runaway” with Pusha T.

The new Kanye West VMA 2010 song seemed to come out of Kanye‘s reflection on his own flaws, given the opening lyrics -”I always find something wrong, you’ve been putting up with my sh*t just way too long; I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most, so I think it’s time for us to have a toast – let’s have a toast for the d ebags, let’s have a toast for the a holes…”

Check out the video of “Runaway” tonight and pick up some Kanye West downloads here.  And what do you think was better – Kanye’s new song “Runaway,” or Taylor Swift’s “Innocent”?

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YouTube Debuts Live Streaming Platform With Two-Day Test

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The rumors were true: after months — years, even — of speculation, YouTube is preparing to launch a full-fledged live streaming platform, enabling its content parters to stream their video directly to users in real-time. This will put the service in direct competition with the likes of Ustream,, and Livestream. We recently caught screenshots of a live streaming option in the wild that YouTube only made available to its politics-oriented channel CitizenTube. Obviously it has much bigger plans for the feature.

Beginning Monday morning and running through Tuesday night, four select YouTube partners — Next New Networks, Howcast, Young Hollywood, and Rocketboom — will be streaming live footage on YouTube (you can see a full listing of what they’re broadcasting in the widget above Update: The widget is currently broken on Google’s end). But don’t get too excited just yet: this is only an alpha test, and YouTube will be taking the live streaming functionality down after the two-day trial. However, the company has confirmed that it plans to eventually offer live streaming to all of its content partners (it may just take a while to get there).

Live streams will only be available on YouTube proper (you can’t embed it in widgets yet), and YouTube won’t be archiving the footage, either. But it sounds like both of these features will be coming down the line. One key feature that will be active are comments — the four content providers will be able to respond to user feedback in real-time.

One important thing to note: YouTube’s language throughout the briefing was all about Partners, not the millions of ‘normal’ YouTube users. This isn’t surprising — there’s obviously a big infrastructure hurdle involved with streaming content from so many people, but, more importantly, there’s also a greater risk that someone will stream a suicide or something similarly awful.

The news has been a long time coming. Way back in February 2008 YouTube cofounder Steve Chen said that live video was on its way, and that it was slated to launch late in 2008. Obviously that didn’t happen, but the company has gradually been ramping up its live streaming efforts. In November 2008 it streamed a special concert to 700,000 concurrent viewers, but it relied on third-party CDN Akamai.

Htc Desire Orange Latest Updates HTC Desire on Vodafone

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Htc Desire Orange Latest Updates-HTC Desire on Vodafone : HTC Desire Orange is authoritative account everywhere alike afore its absolution in the market. Packed with all the latest appearance and technology, this would be the best absorbing acute buzz for the users. Hence, if you demand to able best HTC Desire HD deals, there are abounding web portals area you can not alone analyze assorted deals and offers, but additionally you can analyze prices. HTC Desire Contract on Vodafone supports TFT touchscreen of 3.8 inches accepting aerial resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

It’s ability took some time to accompany the handset with advancement in its Android OS, this is the account accustomed by Orange. But, Vodafone has apparent activity and alone its Android v2.2 armed HTC Desire on its barter aftermost week. This glassy apparatus comes anchored with all-inclusive anamnesis accommodation and avant-garde processor, which is based on latest technology.

Samsung Fascinate- Verizon’s piece of the Samsung Galaxy S

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Samsung Fascinate- Verizon’s piece of the Samsung Galaxy S: The Samsung Fascinate is Verizon’s allotment of the Samsung Galaxy S solar system and it is one of the bigger choices on the market. The way we see it is you are either a Google/Droid fanatic, or you aloof demand a nice Android phone. A latest two-year arrangement and Verizon’s $30 account abstracts plan are appropriate on both lines. And back the aggregation is alms mail-in rebates, barter will be affected to bang bottomward $400 to get the accord going.

The Samsung Fascinate follows in the Galaxy S attitude with a Super AMOLED screen, accelerated operation, bulk of amusing networking tools, and abundant accumulator capacity. The Fascinate additionally offers added than the AT&T Captivate and T-Mobile Vibrant by abacus an LED beam forth with the 2GB of congenital Beam memory. The Fascinate is the latest absolution in Samsung’s Galaxy S band of Android-based smartphones.

Apple iPhone ios 4.1 Reviews-Apple Game Center Not Working

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Apple ios 4.1-Apple Game Center Not Working: Apple iOS 4.1 is accessible now for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 as able-bodied as the second, third and fourth bearing iPod Touch devices. According to Apple though, while all of the accurate Touches get Game Center, alone the iPhone 4 and 3GS models get it. The earlier 3G does not.The iOS 4 SDK contains a developer examination of the Bold Kit APIs that allows you to actualize apps that will assignment with Bold Center, Apple’s new amusing gaming network.

Users can allure accompany to comedy a game, alpha a multiplayer bold through matchmaking, clue their achievements, and analyze their aerial array on a baton board. The Game Center is new for Apple and introduces a amusing aspect to gaming area you can allure accompany to comedy with or adjoin you in multiplayer games. This has been about for a while on consoles like the Xbox 360 but it is new to adaptable phones.