Thursday, January 06, 2011

Online calculator to predict chances of success for couples planning IVF

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Online calculator to predict chances of success for couples planning IVF : A team of scientists from the Department of reproductive health and maternal medicine at the University of Glasgow and Bristol, the United Kingdom, an online calculator that predict successful IVF success rates at birth developed woman undergoing IVF treatment.

It should be noted that IVF treatment is expensive and the success rate is not 100 percent, and as such the online calculator is very important.

"Successful in the United States and the United Kingdom, about one third of IVF in women under 35, but only 5% -10% of women over 40 years," said Professor Scott Nelson University of Glasgow, who is also one of the authors of the study .

Market slide triggers protest again

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Market slide triggers protest again : Small investors have started to show in front of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) that has the share price to fall in the last day of the week.

Angry investors took to the streets as the index lost 213.21 points since last week General to close at 7735.21.

Also looted a bus.

Among the 247 shares were traded, 231declined, won 12 and four unchanged.

Police target top official in Delhi Games probe

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Police target top official in Delhi Games probe: Indian police said Thursday they had registered a complaint against the Director General of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, the main organizer of the event spoiled a probe named graft enlargement.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Vineeta Thakur, a spokesman told AFP that police had initially recorded information message to VK Verma, the first step in a criminal case against a defendant.

US diplomat attacked in Vietnam

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US diplomat attacked in Vietnam: An American diplomat was attacked by police in central Vietnam, said the U.S. Embassy Thursday, according to a report that the agent was human rights abused while trying to meet with one of the leading dissidents.

Christian Marchant, a Policy Officer at the Embassy in Hanoi, was attacked by police on Wednesday when he tried to visit and prominent Vietnamese dissident Catholic priest Father Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly, a report from Radio Free Asia.

Ly citing a source, he said Marchant was considered thrown by the authorities before the House of Ly and later put into a police car and driven away. Hiking on human rights work was recognized recently by a decision of the State Department.

Attacked the U.S. embassy confirmed yet released specific details about the incident, but that the diplomat was in the central city of Hue.

"We are aware and deeply concerned by the incident in Hue and formally registered a strong protest to the Vietnamese government in Hanoi and the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington DC." Beau Miller said embassy spokesman.

Ly, 63, one of the best-known dissidents in Vietnam, was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2007 for attempting to undermine the communist government of Vietnam. It is currently under house arrest after she released last year for medical reasons.