Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain Arrived in Madrid with World Cup

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Keeper Iker Casillas sealed Spain’s first ever World Cup win by kissing his TV reporter girlfriend, who had been accused of distracting him, before millions of viewers during a live on-air interview.

Spain won the World Cup for the first time, beating Netherlands 1-0 after extra time in South Africa Sunday, and soon after were winging their way back home.

Spain’s private Europa Press news agency reported Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos saying Monday that 11 prisoners would be flown out. That could not be immediately confirmed.

The Air Europa and Iberia flights are due to leave Havana later Monday. Europa Press said between 62 and 65 people will be aboard.

I want to thank the people who have always supported me, my parents, my brother,” he said before trailing off and looking away as his eyes welled with tears.

Carbonero, 25, then said the channel would show images of the match but Casillas shook his index finger and suddenly kissed the reporter, first on the mouth and then on her cheek before declaring that the interview was over.

The head of the Madrid press association, Fernando Gonzalez Urbaneja, accused Carbonero of breaching professional ethics saying “she must know that you shouldn’t get emotionally involved in the stories you are covering.”

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