Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to add Multiple Blog Authors

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Blogger or Blogspot blogs offer team. More than one author can write a blog. This is an excellent opportunity for a community or organization to participate in a blog. Blogger makes it easy to set up multiple authors. You can store up to 100 personal blog writers. By default, in the weblog system-author of many, one author (the possibility of modifying model parameters, or other positions), the administrative power. Other authors can edit a post or his own contributions. But administrator privileges admin of a blog for them manually. Before that, a warning to you, new admin may remove your admin rights at any time. I process, several authors described Add to Blogger blogs.

Add Multiple authors blog on Blogger Blog

1. Log in to

2. From the dashboard, select Settings, then click the Permissions button.

Multiple authors blog

3. You will receive a screen similar to the image below. Click the Add button authors.

Blog Authors

4. Now you have a form. Enter the e-mail story writers. After each e-mail is to a comma-separated.

How to add more bloggers

5. Now click on INVITE. Each then receives a confirmation email to join or not to blog author. If they respond positively, the confirmation email they can write in the blog.

This is the trick. I hope you like this blog advice. Thus, they give to the world, it brings social bookmarking sites.